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Relief Department

The main pillar of our holistic approach to supporting our community is the work done under the relief department. Our Relief team of dedicated field officers and volunteers work tirelessly to implement projects and provide assistance to some of the area’s most vulnerable communities. Conditions are often harsh, and these tented settlements are subject to the elements and not well equipped for long term inhabitancy.

Context Brief

Syria Earthquake Emergency Response

Families and communities and initiative that we ususally support in NW Syria have contacted us calling for all kinds of urgent assistance as the international community has failed to respond, and left them alone in this. We remind you that the infrastructure in NW Syria is weak and vulnerable as it was harmed over the years as a result of war. Moreover, families in North West Syria don’t have the means to respond to the magnitude of the catastrophe, nor do they have the machinery to save them or the facilities to assist those who survived, not to mention that they suffer from grievous economic conditions and can’t afford their basic needs.  

Relief Context in Lebanon

Lebanon is at the forefront of one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time and continues to host the highest number of displaced per capita and per square kilometer in the world, where 1 in 4 people is a refugee.


Of the refugee population in Lebanon live under the poverty line


Of the population in Lebanon, including the host community, live in poverty


Of the registered refugees in Lebanon are located in the region of Bekaa

Context Brief

Refugee Situation

Winters are particularly challenging, where camps are subject to floods and temperatures become freezing. Furthermore, the weather conditions are only adding to existing health concerns, which include malnutrition (most notably amongst babies and small children), illnesses, water and soil pollution, poor sanitary conditions, and waste management. The relief department thus assists individuals and families residing in more than 40 camps in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon with shelter, energy, food, and basic assistance, including evacuations when conditions reach alarming levels. Before anything else, these are basic human needs, and they represent persistent concerns for many vulnerable individuals.





Targeted Individuals



Winterization & Basic Assistance

We ensure that every person in the community receives winterization services and basic assistance throughout the year. We conduct multiple interventions including: distribution of fuel for heating, winter clothes, tent covers, blankets and mattresses, in addition to rehabilitation of the camps by improving their infrastructure through paving camps’ roads, and providing the necessary raw material such as wood panels and cement to fix the interior settings. Finally we support emergency evacuation by moving families from camps to temporary shelters, including our centers, where we supported them with winterization items until we reconstruct their tents again.

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Daily Bread Bags


Individuals Targeted


Moderately Food Insecure

Sawa’s Bakery

Food Security has increasingly become a concern in the region, for Lebanese and Syrians alike. The bakery’s production addresses this concern, and is distributed among both communities. SAWA’s Bakery is made possible by the men and women of the community, for the community. They gather every day to bake and package traditional bread, saj, which is then distributed to vulnerable families residing in the Beqaa Valley. This project addresses the issue of food security in the region as well as provides a livelihood opportunity by supporting the resilience of marginalized communities. The project also aims to bring together Syrian and Lebanese individuals and develop their skills to empower their communities in Bekaa area.


Meals per Day


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Camps Targeted

Ramadan Community Kitchen

Our most beloved project during this time is the Ramadan Community Kitchen. Each day, our team, along with members of the community, local and international volunteers, and anyone wishing to
participate, gather to prepare, cook, and distribute nutritious meals to vulnerable families and individuals in the community. The daily meals include dates, salad, beverages, and a main course. Our vision was for everyone to come together and break their fast as a community, regardless of the circumstances.


Targeted Families


Worker Participants


Affected Areas by the Blast

Ramadan iftar

Thanks to your support and trust in our Ramadan Community Kitchen, SAWA was able to hold the first Iftar gathering in Lebanon’s refugee camps with Arab Rap singer, Ismaeel Tamer, joining us! Our staff from different departments took a day off and joined forces with the kitchen workers preparing and setting up the Iftar table to more than 350 individuals in the camp!