Our protection team, adept and well experienced in psycho-social first aid and supporting trauma affected communities, provided psycho-social support and counselling to affected individuals and families on the ground or through remote sessions





We are running multiple protection programs in dedicated safe spaces, providing Psycho-Social Support, Gender-Based Violence mitigation and prevention, Child Protection and Community Awareness Sessions.

With psychologists and social workers from our communities, SAWA developed efficient and creative methodologies and activities to address our communities’ protection needs.

Psychosocial Support, GBV, and Life Skills

As part of our commitment to the protection of vulnerable groups and addressing gender issues, we provide psychosocial support, GBV mitigation activities, and life skills training to help participants to withstand and overcome the aftershocks of this humanitarian crisis, which persist today. Our “Safe Haven” center has been a community sanctuary and safe environment since mid 2016.

Our protection activities are implemented by a team of social workers, PSS animators, trainers, and officers throughout the year and target all family members to ensure a holistic impact. These activities are accompanied by internal case management and referral system in addition to an external referral pathway to specialized organizations and entities.

The Harmony Project

Skill-based activities executed through a community-based protection approach that aims to improve the psycho-social well being of vulnerable groups (especially women and girls) by developing various skills.

This project encompasses sports, music, choir, visual arts and handicrafts such as sewing, knitting, and soapmaking, among others. The Harmony projects provide a community-based approach to protection where females and youth receive PSS integrated within skill-based activities focusing on music, sports, and crafts. The project’s aim is to support the individuals› wellbeing and to nurture social connections and foster a safe environment.


In collaboration with War Child, SAWA established a Community-led Safe Space in Saadnayel where we targeted vulnerable communities and strengthened their child protection mechanisms through engaging motivated community members (mainly youth and women) in the program.

Activities included recreational, artistic activities, and life skills activities to strengthen the healthy development of vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian children and young people.