Livelihoods makes up one of Sawa’s five pillars which is dedicated to promoting opportunities for vocational training and personal development




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Livelihood Projects


Community Awareness Sessions

At Sawa, we follow the philosophy of providing the community with tools and skills to advance, leading to empowerment and self-determination , in a safe and positive environment.

We aim to ease individual’s access to the labor market and provide them with job opportunities through empowerment and support through professional and personal training that develops their technical skills, communication skills, and soft skills.

Through our various programs, the participants are able to support others, take part in vocational training, and learn technical, professional, as well as soft skills.

Sawa’s Bakery

SAWA›s Bakery is made possible by the men and women of the community, for the community. They gather every day to bake and package traditional bread, saj, which is then distributed to vulnerable families residing in the Beqaa Valley.

This project addresses the issue of food security in the region as well as provides a livelihood opportunity by supporting the resilience of marginalized communities. The project also aims to bring together Syrian and Lebanese individuals and develop their skills to empower their communities in Bekaa area.

The Master Peace

A creative program that offers Syrian refugees, especially female-headed households, artistic and sustainable forms of livelihoods, empowering them socially and economically. The project provides specialized vocational training for the participants by experts to produce quality items. The vision behind it is to convey a message for peace through an expression of art; our brand is built around contemporary, timeless and versatile products that are true to our human values.

Ruhal includes intricate hand-made items, each piece named after a village or region in Syria, taking you on a journey through its cities; from Raqaa to Aleppo, Homs and Damascus, leading to Bar-Elias in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, where the brand’s pieces are crafted. Ruhal X, the second collection, included summer textiles and furniture. We have had the pleasure of working with brand ambassadors such as the Lebanese band Mashrou’ Leila and acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma who support our cause.

Note: Both collections can be viewed at

SAWA School Kitchen

Building on the success of the bakery, we expanded into the space next door to establish the SAWA School Kitchen. Our mission here was to produce hot, nutritious meals for each student at our education centers.

This is to ensure that children are able to focus and learn successfully without having to worry about empty stomachs. Our dedicated team distributes these meals daily to 720 children, which also alleviates some of the pressure from the families.


The SAWA3ed project provided vocational training, psychosocial support, and life skills training to at-risk and vulnerable young males in the Bekaa, Lebanon. The training focused on electric maintenance, plumbing, and painting and isolation, and after their training, the center turned into a multipurpose destination providing household services for the host and the refugee communitie

The Master Peace

The Master Peace brand is a creative program that offers Syrian refugees artistic and sustainable forms of livelihoods, empowering them socially and economically

The vision behind the Master Peace is to convey a message for peace through genuine expression of art; our brand is built around contemporary, timeless and versatile products that are true to our human values. Each piece, ranging from accessories, gender neutral signature clothing, and unique homeware, is named after a region or village in Syria and takes you on a journey that is rich in culture and significance.

Since it’s initial inception in 2018, the Master Peace program has become a nurturing environment for participants to gather, share ideas and experiences, as well as create connections that have strengthened their social ties in a dedicated safe space we have named the Creative Haven.

With the launch of the inaugural collection in 2019, RUHAL, they’ve witnessed their stories and messages being shared with the public through exhibitions, collaborations, and brand ambassadors. In 2020 we welcomed two new designers to the team to advance the participants’ skill sets and to get started on their next collection, which will be revealed in 2021