• Solar Camps

    Solar Camps

    “The committee encouraged us to voice our suggestions to ebtter improve the camp. I trusted them. They were very attentive and willing to help.” The solar lightening initiative is a community- led initiative designed to provide affordable, effective, and sustainable sources of lighting to households in Bekaa refugee camps. Camp Community Resilience and Preparedness (CRPC)Continue… Read more

  • “All of this made me feel like a successful mother and friend.”

    “All of this made me feel like a successful mother and friend.”

    Kefaa is 37 years old and residing in Bar Elias, speaks to us about her experience after receiving the Psychosocial Support sessions as part of the HPP program Read more

  • Education: Sarah, Holistic Intervention

    Education: Sarah, Holistic Intervention

    Our teachers noticed on Sarah signs of sadness, melancholy and fatigue. After following up with her father to inquire about her condition he revealed to us that her mother had passed away about eight months earlier, on Mother’s Day, as a result of illness and renal failure. Thanks to the holistic support that she and… Read more

  • Mohamad Hrake

    Mohamad Hrake

    Mohammad narrates the story when the education team noticed the absence of two students and discovered that their family was struggling to keep up with expenses and, fearing eviction with nowhere else to turn. The two students had been working, selling juice from the roadside in order to help the household, but our holistic intervention,… Read more

  • “I never expected to know how to use a computer.”

    “I never expected to know how to use a computer.”

    “I used to know nothing about computers, but now I’m able to create files and share them with others. I didn’t expect that we would learn that much about it and I’m so happy with the outcome” Zainab speaks about 7ibr & Jisr Program. “I now have the courage to say that women have a… Read more

  • Sawa’s Two Newest Students

    Sawa’s Two Newest Students

    Ibrahim had been curiously observing the distribution of the handouts since it began. Finally, he asked one week if he could have a copy of the papers that were being given to the students. Ibraheem is now an enrolled student at SAWA school, and is surprising many teachers with his performance. Read more