About us

Initially founded in 2011 following the outbreak of the crisis in Syria, Sawa for Development and Aid has now been serving its mission for over a decade. As humanitarians and activists, our role is to address and react to changes that are affecting our communities. Over the years and throughout the crises and challenges that have emerged, this has led us to creating new projects, broadening our scope, and reaching even more individuals and families.

Our programs revolve around our three main pillars of intervention: education, protection, and relief. Livelihoods and Policy, Research and Advocacy were then added to further our support of the community, diversify our approach, and advocate their needs and concerns. We have been able to evolve and create even more meaningful impact with a vast network of experts, activists, and like-minded supporters. Our team today spans different nationalities, backgrounds, vocations, and fields of expertise, all united under the same cause. 

response interventions following COVID-19, the Beirut Blast, and regional weather emergencies. Through our experience and expertise in relief activities, we ensure that any intervention is timely, effective, and relevant, while also applying protection principles, and ensuring that we reach those individuals that are marginalized and present acute vulnerabilities.

Our Reach

The Bekaa hosts the largest number of registered refugees in the country at 38.6% of the total

The Bekaa spans an area of more than 4400 square km nearly 40 per cent of the total area of Lebanon, with a Lebanese population estimated at 100000 residents. The UNHCR Zahle Office covers the entire Bekaa area, which comprises two governorates (Bekaa and Baalbek Hermal) that contain five districts, 166 municipalities and 14 unions of municipalities.

As of 31 August 2020, the total number of registered Syrian refuges in the Bekaa stood at 339,473 individuals. the Bekaa hosts the largest number of registered refugees in the country at 38.6% of the total

Beirut Intervention

Since the day following the blast, SAWA dedicated its efforts and resources to support those most vulnerable within the local communities in the affected areas, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or religion, and our team has been present on the ground since day one. Our Beirut Blast Response continued from August 2020 until the end of December 2020, with additional and longer-term activities planned for 2021

Our Mission

SAWA, “Together”, we provide holistic and integrated support to individuals, through sharing skills, knowledge, and resources; encouraging each other to self-organize, to build a strong and vocal communities; fostering networks of solidarity; and mobilizing for collective action at local and international levels.


Our Vision

Syrians supporting one another to build a just, civic, and democratic Syria.


Our Values

Dignity, Ownership, Self-determination, Integrity, Responsibility


Our Principles

Democracy: Believing that Democracy is the fertile ground for positive social change.

Non- Discrimination: Working with all, based on rights and needs, and without discrimination according to race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation.

Social Justice and Equity: Believing in justice and equity as guiding principles within the family, the community, and society at large.

Solidarity: Building networks of solidarity to share experiences and struggles, and defend just and non-violent human and social causes at community and global levels.

Freedom: Striving for freedom as a guarantor for creativity, self expression, and change.

Citizenship: Planting the principles of citizenship as seeds in building a democratic and pluralistic society.

Sharing: Individuals and communities share skills, time, and resources to self organize, mobilize, and develop.


A word from the Director

“We will continue to stand in solidarity, hand in hand, to work towards our mission in supporting individuals building communities; Every day, our communities continue working together to forge spaces of hope.”.


Our Team

A team of dedicated individuals from different backgrounds and nationalities; SAWA attracts skilled professionals as well as volunteers from all over the world.

Contact us

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Headquarter address: Lebanon, Beirut, Tariq El- Jdeedeh

phone number: +961 1856290

Email: info@sdaid.org

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